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syn · apse (sîn' âps) n.

1. The junction between neurons in your brain where thoughts and impulses are transferred.
2. The connection between thinking and doing.

SynApps organized in 1995 to connect businesses with solutions. Our field is Information Technology (IT). Our goal is a satisfied customer. We call this "delivering what you want and what your business needs." It comes by simple, industry-best solutions. SynApps pursues a broad range of technical information and expertise to offer the best analysis and results for your IT needs. However, we believe it takes more than knowledge to build quality relationships and better solutions, so integrity, communication, and commitment are an important part of our services. This is what you want. This is what your business needs.

We are providing solutions for variety of industries, including: information technology, manufacturing, construction, business and professional offices, non-profits, retail, government and municipalities. To learn more about what we do, please review our services.

The synapse and SynApps.

Small. Simple. Natural. Efficient. Robust. These words describe the activity of the synapses in your brain. Thousands of times per day, up to hundreds of times per second, your neurons fire in rapid succession to provide you with thought or motion. The human brain is an amazingly complex and capable instrument, yet it is very small and natural to use. So are the solutions we deliver.

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Photograph at top of page: The locus of an axon terminal of one neuron and a dendron of an adjacent neuron . The intervening gap is the synapse.