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Services for the Business and Professional Office

Custom Database and Applications

Database and office applications have matured over the past decade, from the initial offerings with their complexity and malaise. We can recommend, prototype, and create tailored software and systems solutions. Learn how to put technology and computer power to work for you and your business.

Office Integration

Many offices are working with a mix of current applications, Windows versions, and aging (legacy) products. Are you required to do double or triple entry into disparate computer systems, or is some of your data isolated in one application? Are you performing repetitive tasks that could be automated? Whether you need a unique integration solution or want to leverage the power of your office product, we can streamline your data entry and maximize your data outputs and information sharing. We have experience with all office suite applications.


Do you have a business system or application that you never quite learned how to use, or that you once were trained on but now have forgotten? SynApps is able to learn your entire system and provide comprehensive manuals, systems documentation, quick reference guides, and other missing materials. We can also provide training to match.

Software and Technology Research

Have you been searching for a software package or other technology product you know you need, but been unable to locate it? We can perform an extensive search and provide a set of options to you with our recommendations. If your product does not exist, we can work with you to create a custom solution designed specifically for your requirements.

To arrange a FREE consultation and discover what we can bring to your office, please contact us.