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Whether your plans and requirements involve . . .

  • Project Management or Database Management
  • Software Development or Software Configuration
  • Enterprise Integration or Office Integration
  • Process Analysis or Business Analysis

. . . SynApps has the experience and skills to provide you with quality, timely solutions. We love what we do and enjoy all aspects of IT, from project management to low-level details. We refuse to limit ourselves to just consulting and development. We look forward to detective work and technical challenges.


Leverage our knowledge and expertise with advanced, legacy, enterprise, and heterogeneous technologies. Tap into our history of serving manufacturing, construction, retail, legal and professional, government, municipal, and non-profits. SynApps can offer you insights, perspectives, and solutions.

Project Management

Our project management experience derives from fifteen years of hands-on experience and from authoring several custom project management solutions for various industries. We use current PM tools and can integrate their information to keep the entire team informed and collaborating. SynApps will provide you with a complete turn-key solution for a project by supplying the entire team, or simply assist you with management and oversight.

Development Tools and Technologies

Examine our tools of the trade.


Companies outsource projects for a variety of reasons. You may lack the staff, training, time, or even the physical space to house and complete a project. Whatever the reason, we can lighten your load and make our resources an extension of your department.


If you require assistance with product-related, niche, or general IT manpower, we can supply you for the duration of your needs. This option is an excellent in-house complement to outsourcing.

Requirements, Specifications, and Other Project Documents

If anything is left undone in a project, it is usually the documentation and paperwork. Whether at the beginning or end of a project, the documents are just as important as the solution. Here are some examples:

  • Proposal: Consider all of your options.
  • Requirements Analysis: Have you studied all the parts needed for your solution?
  • Specification: Begin your project with everyone at the same level of understanding.
  • Work Plan: Outline the details of how your project will initiate, proceed, and finish.
  • User Manual: How can you present your application to new users without written or online documentation?

Ensure your project will start and progress with best development and management practices. Even if you are doing the work internally or with another firm, consider us a second opinion. Don't allow your project to fail due to incomplete information, unexplored options, or accidental omissions.


If you require a full-time placement, or have specific contract resource requirements that SynApps does not specialize in, we can still help you. Most IT recruiting firms employ professional staff who are often strong interpersonally and weak technically. We know both ends of the IT industry. SynApps is able to present a thorough analysis of candidates we qualify for your consideration. We are in touch daily with the channels and contacts that have the talent you are seeking. You can concentrate on your business and let us do the searching and selection.

Training, Education, and Mentoring

From office application functionality to specialized deployment techniques and tools to one-on-one developer assistance, we provide all aspects of your knowledge requirements.

Software and Technology Research

This is one of our favorite areas. Let us distill all of the industry trends and offerings into one simple to understand presentation or document.

Project Revival and Crisis Management

We are always satisfied when we can take a bad situation and make it good. Often, you or your staff would rather forget about an unsuccessful project than make further attempts to have it succeed. SynApps is up to the challenges of revitalizing your team and refocusing on the results you need. We will supply the dedication, management, staff, and skills necessary to realize your project.


Do you have a system or application that is practically unusable because it is lacking documentation? We enjoy detective work. SynApps will trace and detail every area of functionality and work with your staff to create the documentation you need for today's users and future support.


Selecting the right consulting and development firm is a difficult decision. Review the following points outlining how SynApps can deliver in critical areas:

  • Focus. Our primary business service is IT consulting and support. We are not an agency. This is all we do.
  • Support. It is often after the development and deployment that resources are most needed for support and troubleshooting. We offer you a consistent, long-term commitment.
  • Methodology. Undertaking an enterprise project or application development without in-place process and standards will either delay the project while an ad-hoc methodology is developed, or will leave you without a coherent framework at project completion.
  • Relationship. We believe that our customer's success and satisfaction is ours.